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The role of a bitcoin mixer in digital universe

Regardless the fact that cryptocurrencies have become more recognizable and valuable assets and taken root in the financial market, centralized authorities are extremely suspicious about this emerging technology and accuse it of being unstable and too widely open for performing illegal actions. Hence, know-your-customer (KYC) compliance procedures and anti-money laundering (AML) laws have been implemented on investments in cryptocurrencies. While this course of action is meant to provide protection for users of cryptocurrency services, it also could violate the privacy of users, as no cryptocurrency transactions are from now on discreet.

Every time a bitcoin transaction is generated, it is stored in the blockchain that is easily accessible and any person can get the full information about the identity of the cryptocurrency sender and all transactions. Having this information and performing some additional work, the owner of a certain Bitcoin address can be easily deduced.

There is a shining example of this fact. In March 2018, the National Security Agency (NSA) used a special program to obtain users’ data as their MAC address, Internet browsing activity, password information by looking over users’ crypto transactions. The official reason is only monitoring illicit transactions, however, this procedure also affected privacy of users not related to criminal activity. Moreover, there are trading platforms that are eager to keep an eye on transactions from gambling sites, as they are considered as money laundering centers, when most probably the money comes from the dark web and it is not clear whether the source of funds is “clean”.

While it is believed that mostly hackers and criminals are in need to remain incognito while transferring cryptocurrency – especially Bitcoin, as the most popular and successful cryptocurrency nowadays, there are other average cryptocurrency users who wish to keep their identity confidential and use Bitcoin without limitations.

How a bitcoin mixer works

Bitcoin Blender

It is fortunate that a user’s transaction can be hidden by using some tools (such as privacy Bitcoin wallets or VPNs), which can guaranty user’s absolute privacy. One of such tools in the world of cryptocurrency is a bitcoin tumbler, or mixer. It represents an independent online tumbling service that allows to disconnect your identity from any bitcoin sent or received.

The basic principle of any bitcoin tumbler is that your bitcoins are transferred to a bitcoin mixing platform, where they get mixed with other users’ bitcoins, so your bitcoin fund becomes undetectable, and then you get an equal amount of coins back, but in a different set. It helps to obfuscate the public and blockchain analytics firms, and users maintain confidentiality and has their privacy rights protected.

In the past few years, bitcoin mixers seem to be perfectly acceptable by everyone and there are many tumbling services that can be used. Caution, notorious are fake bitcoin tumblers with the aim to take the Bitcoins from their users, so it is advisable to use bitcoin mixing services with a well-known reputation and perform careful examination and inspection on the service provider before transferring the Bitcoins. The bitcoin tumbling process is notable for its practical anonymity, low fees and being relatively straightforward.

Top bitcoin mixers

As a means to assist you not to become a victim of dishonest cryptocurrency mixing services and have your bitcoins transferred safely, we present some top trustworthy bitcoin mixers with understandable and convenient procedures.

1. Anonymix – a user-friendly bitcoin mixing platform


It is considered to be one the best tumbling services of all times, although it was recently launched, only in 2019. Currently, it supports only bitcoin, however, other cryptocurrencies like ETH are expected to be added in the future. The main advantages of this bitcoin tumbler are:

To make a transaction even harder traceable, a user has the opportunity to choose up to 5 destination wallets. Additionally, with Anonymix a user can operate through both, clear web and TOR network. Because of the increase in amount of phishing attacks, when criminals create extremely similar websites to mislead users into putting in their personal information and crypto assets, it is essential for a user to be precisely sure about the website address of the tumbling service provider.

After a user opens the website and clicks on the Bitcoin icon, it is necessary to input a destination wallet address and choose the mixing fee, which varies between 0.50 % and 5 % of the transaction. Further, a re-user of the bitcoin tumbler gets a unique cryptocode which prevents already sent coins from reoccurring in their following mixed wallet addresses.

After all obligatory fields are completed, the Bitcoin wallet address, which was used for sending the coins, is displayed on the next page, as well as the required Bitcoin amount. The status of the performed transaction is shown on the status page and a user does not need to perform any action, as it is only a confirmation page.

Blockchain analytics are not able to trace such transactions because of the intermixed algorithms that are different for every mix. Thus, Anonymix being one of the most client-oriented mixing platforms guarantees users’ their privacy and helps them to stay calm in the digital world full of governmental regulation acts.

2. BitMix – protects your Bitcoins


The working principle of this mixing platform is based on the same pillars as Anonymix: a user sends bitcoins that are mixed with others coins and, yes, a user gets different bitcoins back, as deposits of all users are mixed up into a central account. Thus, anonymity is guaranteed and a user receives “clean” coins. A letter of guarantee given to a user proves that is committed to abide by the rules (mainly, to keep your identity confidential and untraceable). It is worth noting that this bitcoin tumbler provides users with a 12-symbol code to make sure that a user always gets coins back when using the mixing platform. Besides, it rejects the possibility of receiving the same coins in any future transaction.

BitMix is also noteworthy because it keeps no logs or personal data and all information that a user can be identified with is removed; it assures instant transfer of money into your account; and, among of its best practices, it has a referral program wherein users get paid when they make a referral and invite others to use the platform. With every transaction of a referee, a referrer gets paid.

There is a range of minimum and maximum thresholds defined for all transactions: a user is obliged to send minimum 0.0007 BTC and maximum 1000 BTC and any transactions beyond this range are not acceptable. A fee of 0.4 - 4% can be set manually for transactions when mixing the cryptocurrency. Additionally, there is the address fee of 0.0005 BTC/output address, so any possible transaction fee demanded by miners is covered.

3. Blender – a bitcoin tumbler with own Bitcoin reserve


Blender tumbles Bitcoins by adding them to the point where the bitcoin block ends and returns brand-new coins from the beginning of the block to a user. It allows authorities to trace the transaction only to the Blender’s address, so the final destination wallet remains hidden. This bitcoin mixer has a lot of strong points:

Moreover, Blender provides 24 sets of delays, literally for every hour in a day, while most bitcoin mixers provide only around four. It is clear that this bitcoin tumbling platform takes care of user’s privacy and anonymity, as the only information needed from a user is the destination address.

4. Bitcoin Laundry – mixing Bitcoins with cryptocurrencies from stock exchanges

Bitcoin Laundry

Yes, you heard it right. The process of bitcoin tumbling indeed includes the cryptocurrency exchanges. Innovatory algorithm is used to tumble the coins which helps users to remain unrevealed in the course of a transaction. No blockchain analysis tools are able to uncover neither the funding source, nor the identity of a sender.

Your BTC can be sent back to completely unrelated addresses if necessary. Each request is completed within six hours. There are other benefits as no registration process and no logs’ storage.

A user can access Bitcoin Laundry from both, TOR network and clear web. A transaction fee of 5 % is charged, and a fee of 0.00015 BTC is required, so that the network can confirm a transaction.


Bitcoin tumblers are considered to be an effective and anonymous way of transferring your Bitcoins. It is necessary to have confidence in the chosen mixing platform, as no complaints can be lodged against inappropriate usage of your coins. As it has been pointed out, there is hardly any trustworthy bitcoin mixer platform that provides its services free of charge. All in all, bitcoin mixers provide great opportunities for users who would like to keep their privacy in modern digital environment.